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    my husband and I just came back from the movies, and my daughter brought in my hen who is 1 1/2 y/o with part of her comb missing.
    She is a Columbian Wyandotte. I have a rooster who is approximately 6 months old, and we believe he is the one who caused the injury. When he mounts the other pullets, he will hold on to their combs, but "chicken Jane" doesn't like him, and will run from him. [​IMG] My question is this, we just put on some povidone-iodine, because there was no peroxide, kids must have used it up. What else should I put on it, not only to keep it clean, but to keep the others from pecking at it, if that should happen? Oh, she has a rosette comb, so you can get a picture of what I mean. [​IMG] I just love her, and want her to be okay. Any advise would be appreciated, thanks.
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    I would NOT put her back in with the others until her comb is completely healed. They will continue to peck at it. I had a little roo who was attacked on his comb and brought him in, washed the comb and put him in a cage inside till it healed..a few days. He is fine now.
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    If you have some antibiotic ointment for wounds that will help to prevent infection. If not, at least put on some vaseline to keep junk off it. Watch for infection, but other than that a comb heals fairly quickly.

    If others pick at the injured comb, you may to seperate her for a few days or put on some blue kote or other anti-pick spray.

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    THANKS FOR THE INFO. I wasn't going to let her back with them, just in case of that. She is really the alpha hen, along with my little Japanese bantam. Is this common for this to happen? Oh, what do you think about bag balm on the wound? It had to have happened after they went in for the night.
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    thanks Matt, I was thinking that too, or like I said Bag Balm?

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