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    Mar 23, 2009
    I opened the coop this morning to let the chickens out and one hen had dried blood all over her head. There is blood splattered on two opposite walls behind the roosts and there is blood stained litter below. I used warm water to clean her up and she seems ok.

    Is my roo getting too aggressive with his women? He's shown some aggressive behavior this week toward us--coming up and pecking at our feet, walking toward me sideways, etc. He hasn't pecked at me, though, just the teenagers and my husband. He's also been "raping" the hens (but I think this is normal behavior for chicken mating, yes?).

    Also, we got 3 eggs earlier this week, but now we've had no eggs since. Could he be traumatizing the girls into not laying? We haven't put golf balls in the nests yet, but I plan to this weekend. Our chickens are let out around 12-1 and free-range our big yard until dark. They hover around the coop opening until we turn on the light, then they all go inside. We keep the light on until around 8 p.m.h Could they be "cooped" up too long? I don't want eggs all over the yard, so I've been waiting until mid-day to let them out.

    This is our first year with chickens. Should he be removed? Are all roosters bad? I haven't heard very many stories of nice roosters lately. He's been one of our favorites :-(.


  2. anniemary

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    Mar 23, 2009
    PS. Can you tell me what "spurring" is like?
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    In cooler weather, I don't hesitate to keep my hens in until 10 or so but after that, they are getting really antsy as they expect to be let out. But it might be different in there if a rooster was in there with them. However, if they have access back into the coop, your eggs will by and large, be in the nests when you look for them. They return to the nest to lay if they can get in. Mine range all day and only ocassionaly do I find an egg outdoors. And then, I still know the spot to check when they can't get in. They go to their outside nest.

    I often have other work to do when weather turns so I leave them in the coop or coop/run until I know I am going to be around from mid-morning on.
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    Some roos are gentler with their ladies than others. If he is being overly agressive with the girls it could stress them and you may notice fewer eggs, however if they aren't getting 12-14 hours of light they will also slow down or stop egg production.

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