Injured hen


6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
Hello. I am new to chickens and have a beginning flock of 4 isa browns and 2 easter eggers. All are 6 months old. The isa browns have been laying for about 3 weeks and we get 2-4 eggs a day depending. The EE are not yet laying. Yesterday I discovered all the brown hens chasing and pecking my EE hen. She is now featherless and bloody on her back near the base of her tail. I did separate her from he group to heal. Now today they are picking on the other EE. So, my EE are together and the browns are together to range but I only have I one coop and no idea what to do now?? Any ideas??
Sit out and watch them for a little while, and take out the bully(s.) Put the bully in a cage for several days to a week, and put her back in. Her position in the pecking order should be reduced--if not--repeat and go from there. I re-home bullies with instructions to butcher if necessary. Be sure and get some BluKote to spray on the red area. Chickens will peck anything red, and will cannibalize each other. It is an antiseptic blue colored spray at the feed store.

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