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    Aug 29, 2011
    I think a predator attempted to pull "Rosie" through the chicken wire of the run.
    Her comb is lacerated, she has scrapes and missing feathers along her left side. Her right middle toe at the tip is broken and black, (although I'm still uncertain if it's crusted gunk or her actual toe color) and her right wing seems droopy, non functional and she can't walk.
    This happened about three days ago.
    I found her, fluttering around on the coop floor, bathed her so I could try and see what was injured. I didn't do much as I didn't want to stress her more than I had to. I thought she was going to die. But later that day began eating and drinking. And was alert.
    I have her isolated. And noticed today while she's still alert her eating and drinking has declined and she is still unable to walk but just stays in that nesting position.

    Ok..... What now? Black broken toe is the same, Do I amputate the end that is broken and bandage it up?
    Should I try to eye dropper nutrients into her? I'm always afraid of aspiration.
    She can't be healthy laying in the same position for so long. I do get her out and check her over, I set her in the grass and she sort of scooted around but very little.
    All other hens (12 of them are fine)

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