Injured hen.

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    May 13, 2014
    I have a hen that was attacked by a dog 2 days ago. She was bleeding a little but that has stopped. The thing I was really worried about was under her wing it broke through the skin. This morning she was up and outside drinking water. She is moving around but limping when she walks. Is there anything I can put on the wound to help with healing or will she heal on her own?
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    Isolate the wounded hen.
    you should clean the wound with worm water and antiseptic soap,disinfect with Iodine and spread antibiotic ointment, repeat this daily fir 5-7 days. I would give her some vitamins an electrolytes, and some rich food(crushed boiled egg, some tuna fish) to relief som of her stress levels. In this period I would check the wound daily if You saw any sign of infection, puss, oozing liquids, etc, you should give her some antibiotic orally or by injection. Baytril or Tylan are good choice.
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    Don't eat the chicken and her eggs if you give her this antibiotics.
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    You definitely need to separate her. Dogs mouths are gross, so you want to clean the wound very well. Also, even without breaking the skin, the teeth could have injured her internally. Check around her body for sore spots, bruises, and broken bones. Now, like they said above, antibiotics will help a lot, and any ointments used for humans, as long as it doesn't end in "cain". There are foods that chickens tend to like when they're sick. Yogurt, mealworms, scrambled eggs, other fresh treats. Make sure she has lots of water. You probably won't need to dress the wound since her wing covers it. Make sure it's entirely healed before you re-introduce her, and cover it with blukote just in case if you think they'll pick at her.
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    May 13, 2014
    So I posted here back in June about my injured hen. Almost 4 months later here she is. She started laying again about a week ago. I am still having to keep her isolated from the others because they pick on her every time I try to put her back in the coop. She still can't really use her right leg but all in all seems to be happy and healthy. [​IMG]

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