Injured hens from neighbors dogs

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    Sep 9, 2014
    Earlier this week I found my neighbors dog in my chicken coop. I had 17 hens and they killed five and four I had to put down due to their injuries. I am beyond devastated!! I have five uninjured girls and three with injuries. One with very deep puncture wounds. I'm washing it out, using antibiotic creams. The other girl I noticed today, is healing well but when I pulled back her wing some of the skin is green/bluish...gangrene?! I'm so distraught over losing my girls and the thought of losing these two...smh...and the one is still laying. Are her eggs safe to eat? Please help me! This is my first flock and my first massacre. I feel helpless!
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    [​IMG] - sorry for the circumstances. Injured birds frequently develop green/blue bruising during the healing process. My gut tells me that this is what you are dealing with. Eggs are probably safe to eat, but since you are applying antibiotics it might be better to cook and feed them to the birds. Good luck in getting your flock back to normal, and hopefully your neighbor can/will contain their dog. Electric fence around your coop would probably be a good idea.
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    I had a hen that got attacked by a hawk the day after Thanksgiving. She had bad lacerations. I bathed her and put Neosporin in the wounds. She also had the bluish greenish discoloration on her skin. I think it was just bruising. They are delicate animals. She was also very sore and moving slowly. I am happy to report that she has made a full recovery and her feathers are beginning to come back in. I hope the same for your girls. Any attack pulls at your heart strings. Shame on that dog owner for being irresponsible. Good luck. [​IMG]
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