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  1. SwimTrunks

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    Jan 20, 2015
    hi friends!
    i'm new here, and a pressing question has brought me to the forums!

    i have a flock of four little ladies - they're about seven months old.
    two days ago i pulled into my driveway and one of my chickens was caught in a piece of weird playground equipment - she just got herself stuck between two legs of a tiny slide and couldn't get herself out. she was flapping and flopping around, and I gently tucked her wings back and shimmied her out.

    she seemed okay for the rest of the day, but now she's not herself.
    she's eating and drinking, but she's just standing around and not socializing. she won't come running for food, she'll just stand off on her own.

    i can tell that something's wrong, i just don't know what.
    i thought maybe she was just sore and traumatized, and would come out of it. but it's been two days now and she's still standing around like a sad little loaf of bread.
    i can't see any injuries, and i'm afraid to pick her up because she seems so fragile.

    any suggestions?
    could she just be traumatized?
    how can i tell if something's seriously wrong?

    i'm worried about my little loaf of bread!
    any input // suggestions would be helpful!
  2. hennible

    hennible Overrun With Chickens

    You could try just palpating all over her body and see if you can find an injury or tender spot that she reacts to... But I'm leaning towards her just being traumatized I've had chicken stuck in funny places and they act a little off after... Probably wouldn't hurt to give her some sort of vitamin boost... Just my opinion :)
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  3. SwimTrunks

    SwimTrunks New Egg

    Jan 20, 2015
    she is very sleepy today -- keeps closing her eyes and standing around.
    i have seen her drink quite a bit of water, but she doesn't seem to be eating at all, from what i've seen.
    i've put out a separate food bowl for her (she had a bit of blood on her head this morning -- i'm thinking she might be getting bullied a bit by the others), but she hasn't touched it yet.

    i've checked her over and she has no injuries -- i'm just not sure whether i should be freaking out or not!
  4. hennible

    hennible Overrun With Chickens

    Sounds like you better bring her in and isolate her. Maybe double check for wounds and things that just don't feel right

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