Injured leg. Need advice

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    Apr 7, 2019
    my 8 month old Silkie stopped using her foot about 5 days ago. at first she was limping but now she just stays calm and rest her foot. when she stands she keeps her foot up and uses only one leg.
    I believe she must have injured a toe or something but how can I be sure?
    I tried to feel something but I have no practice in doing so and I am afraid to hurt her even more.
    I separated her from the others in a little crate but still in the coop for social interaction. she eats normally ( but I suspect less than if she could walk properly) and poops normaly too.
    I cannot take her to a vet as I live in CA and because of newcastle they refuse to see any chicken.
    what can I do? I am leaving for 12 days on vacation may 31st and I would like her to be feeling better by then!
    any advice are warmly welcome!
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    Hi there. Sorry your pullet is unwell. :(

    When you are feeling the leg/feet... feel for swelling or heat that indicate an infection.

    Most likely in my experience you are dealing with a vitamin deficit OR Marek's. And IMO... most likely Marek's. Do you know if she was vaccinated against it?

    I would offer either Poultry nutri drench or Rooster Booster brand Poultry Cell (product). As you research my suggestions you might find other vitamin suggestions like E and selenium or a B complex.

    Only way to know for sure if you are dealing with Marek's is getting a necropsy at our state lab... links here..
    How to Send a Bird for a Necropsy

    State poultry labs

    I see you say you are in Ca... we have 2 labs. Adding your general location to your profile might help other make the most relevant suggestion possible. ;)

    Thank God you aren't in the mandatory euthanasia zone for your entire flock!

    Don't panic, I know it's scary! Hang in there. :hugs :fl

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