Injured Maylay cockeral


Apr 13, 2018
Goliad, Texas
We came home after some bad storms Monday and Tuesday afternoon we noticed our five month old RIR cockeral acting strange, he was standing up on top toe , stretched out and appeared to have his comb injured...
Only to discover him fine in the coop.
Actually we have a what appears to be a juvenile maylay cockeral in our free range group.
He appears injured, as if he had been carried in by a hawk...but we can't get more than a few feet from him.
He's very shy, extreamly fast and is hiding out in our weasatch bush next to the coop.
He'll mingle with our adult hens and roosters but is scared of our RIR cockeral, cats and us.
How can we help the poor little guy?
I'm positive he's stressed out and have made sure to put fresh water, scratch grains and feed close to his hiding spot.
He makes himself at home in the run and coop during the daytime, but retreats to the bush at evening or when we go outside.
I'm not very familiar with the breed, but he sure looks to be Maylay.
I'll get pics as soon as I can.
My daughter says he has several deep cuts on his sides below his wings and near his breast as if he'd been hawked and survived.
I would love to make sure he is ok and make him comfortable.
I've read they can be aggressive though and don't want my Chooks taken over by a well as I have no earthly idea where he came from.
The closest place that handles Maylay around here are almost 100 miles away.
Unless someone nearby or passing through has fighting birds.
In that case I feel so bad for him and wonder if he can be tamed.
Any advice??

There are two! I thought there was only one!!

This is the injured one...

(Injured bird with broken tail feather)

Our free range flock, Ross the five MO RIR cockeral the new birds stay clear of up close to fence, our King Roo, Phillip, is by Weasatch bush where the Maylay(?) hide.
They will stand right next to Phillip...not scared of him at all, but run from Ross.
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Apr 9, 2016
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How can we help the poor little guy?
My best piece of advice is if you know where he sleeps, wait until after dark and get him then so you can inspect and or treat him. Chickens generally don't run around in the dark as they can't see that well.

Otherwise, he will probably heal up fine.

Maybe your RIR cockerel is the one who caused the damage (instead of a raptor) and that's why they avoid him?

For what it's worth... being "game cocks" does not mean fighting birds per say. ;) It does look like you may have been targeted for dumping though if someone knew you had birds and that beautiful pasture. Hatcheries are sending ALL kinds of chicks all over the place these days and not everyone who can't or does't want to keep roosters is responsible enough to do the right thing. :hmm

All roosters have the potential to be aggressive. However some folks mistake natural behaviors for aggression. Most game cocks MAY have aggression toward other cock birds but most often NOT human aggressive.

Good luck helping these boys out or whatever you decide is best for your flock! :fl

Chicken Heel

Jun 8, 2019
I raised game chickens as a teenager and never had a single rooster be aggressive toward me or any other human... but they were Hades on each other.

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