Injured or Diseased Eye? Treatment suggestions appreciated


Jul 19, 2016

Okay, so last Saturday I got some older chicks. They all look pretty healthy except for one. Her eye was teary so I separated her from the others and researched eye problems. I posted questions last week and a BYC member sent me great links about respiratory illnesses. I contacted the previous owner said they have had not observed any illness with their other chickens. I didn't see any sick birds when I was there. I started her on Oxytetracycline last Sunday and started antibiotic ointment a few days ago. I have not seen any changes. She was in a pen with several other chicks and one larger rooster. We did see him peck at a few of the chicks and pull out feathers. She was also missing some feathers on her neck, but they're getting new feathers in anyway. I'm wondering if this appears to be an injury or an infection. I had a difficult time getting a picture of the eye opened. The skin is pinkish and a little puffy looking. Her appetite and poo appear normal. I appreciate any advice and suggestions on how to treat this chick. I'm not sure if I need to switch antibiotics, give it time, or what. How long should it take before her eye improves? Thank you!

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