Injured or sick hen

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  1. ranaldifamilyfa

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    Sep 30, 2013
    Hello gang

    so I have a young Americana hen who was in with four siblings and our resident bunny. today I went in to move them and clean out their coop and I found her wedged between a brick and a bale of straw. she was alive but very lethargic, a few ants had already begun crawling on her, I reached down and pulled her out and saw some blood on the back of her head and her side... I am not sure if she was sick and her siblings pecked on her.. or my bunny decided to mess with her (although he is our substitute mommy hen, he lets the baby chicks snuggle underneat them and he usually acts very loving to this option is VERY out of the norm)... I would most likely guess the other four decided to gang up on her for some reason...

    I put her out of her misery, but now I am wondering should I process her and use her meat assuming she was just injured OR go ahead and toss her out and not risk it?

  2. riyadh123

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    Sep 7, 2013
    is she stressed out?

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