Injured or voice changing? (hawk attack)

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    Sep 14, 2013
    So my pullets are 13 weeks old now. They are looking like adult chickens more everyday. Recently I noticed that one of them has a much deeper sounding voice. At first I was thinking oh how funny her voice changed, but now I'm wondering if she might be sick. It sounds much lower than even my adult hens. Another reason I am worried about it is because just a week ago this particular pullet was attacked by a hawk. The hawk had landed on top of her while they were free ranging in the yard, but I must have seen it right away because the pullet seemed ok, and the hawk flew off without trying to hang on to her. I'm pretty sure that her deeper voice came after the hawk attack. So if anyone knows if a very deep sounding voice is a sign of injury or sickness please let me know. As far as I can tell she doesn't show any other signs of being sick. As for the hawk, I plan on only letting them free range in the yard while I'm out there in the future, otherwise their run is covered and fenced in. Thanks!
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    Some chicken breeds tend to have lower voices than others I have noticed in my own flock.
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