Injured Orphington


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Mar 22, 2012
Washington State
I have a Buff Orphington that has started limping and can't put any weight on her right leg. I can't find sores, cuts or etc. I am worried maybe she injured it jumping from her roosting spot in the hen house. Not knowing what the injury is, Im not sure how to help her. Should I isolate her, or make her a splint? If so on either, for how long? Do chicken usually heal faily quickly. Sorry I am fairly new to this, so hoping someone has some advice. Thanks!
Don't make a splint if you don't know whats wrong it could cause more problems, I would restrict her movements for awhile I would put her in a kennel or something along that nature with electrolyte water
Thanks for the reply mnferalkitty. That was what we were thinking about doing. We have a kennel we can put her in. Any ideas how long we should keep her there? I assume until she is healed. Do they heal pretty quick? I hate keeping her seperated from the others any longer than I have to.
I would check how she is walking every couple of days and once she is walking better set her free

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