Injured Pheasant

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    Feb 4, 2008
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    Zorro, my silver roo pheasant, got out of his pen and into a fight with one of the roosters that free range. I thank the good Lord that I found the pheasant in the garage (where I used to keep them til he had his own place). He was bleeding from his head. (he did not win the fight)

    I brought him in, gave him an antibiotic, cleaned his wounds, put neosporin on them. He's in my bedroom now and will stay there til he looks better.

    He looks like he's not feeling very good. Is there anything else I should be doing for him?

    I found the pen door open and amazingly the 4 silver hens were still in their run. I have reinforced the closures on the door so this can't happen again.
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    awh im sorry to hear that!! [​IMG]

    I dont mean to alarm you but if you used human neosporin on him it could POSSIBLY be a problem. I know it kills some animals (smaller animals) i dunno about birds the size of pheasants though [​IMG]

    But aside from that, a quiet warm place, that's dim lited and food and water i think he'll be feeling better as long ashe's not injured too badly
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    Give him some vitamin water too.

    And the neosporin that could be a problem is the kind with pain meds built in. Use the plain kind.

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