injured Polish Crested Rooster


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Apr 10, 2008
Hi folks,

I found this forum while searching the web for information and I guess I should start by telling you the full story and then ask for your opinions and advice.

"Amadeus" as he's come to be called entered my life only a couple days ago as I was driving home from where I board my horses and I noticed a Gold Barred Polish Rooster walking the road. I only know what breed he is because I just LOVE chickens and a friend of mine used to have one. I left him be and went on my merry way.

Tonight driving home I saw the same chicken, same place... Only this time this guy was missing ALL of his butt feathers and was half dragging a wing... So I stopped, opened my car door and went "awww.... Chook chook..." and the little sucker bolted INTO my car! And I wasn't about to boot him out when he was sitting so patiently on my passenger seat after scurring across my lap (thank God I'd put the car in park!)

I know he's a victim of the local Elementary School students grabbing him and ripping his feathers out, they've done it before to several bantam hens from the farm across the street from my horse stables. They've been reported to local ASPCA authorities, but right now I'm sincerely concerned about Amadeus.

Right now he's living in a Great Dane sized dog kennel with a towel., he's not bleeding. Just missing a lot of feathers and letting his wing hang ever so slightly. Upon feeling the wing I can feel where the break is, but it's not through the skin.. (he fell asleep while I was rubbing his wings). He's eatting... LOTS. He's drinking when I offer him water in a dog bowl. He also tries to talk to me.

Then he goes into his crate, lays down, lets both wings hang, and kind of breathes hard while looking around. Not like he's panting or wheezing. But I want to know what I should be doing for this guy... He doesn't have any spurrs, they've been removed. I fully plan on keeping this guy as a pet since he's just personality plus!



OH! I'm not a first time Chicken Owner so don't be worried! I raised Silkie Bantams for 4-H showing and for showing at the fair for awhile. No birds were harmed, they're all seriously loved pets now


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There are airsaces all over and with wing breaks sometimes those are affected and I imagine that is the cause of the wheezing you are hearing. Honestly if you can get him to a vet (one is is used to treating birds/parrots) that is your best bet for proper treatment. I will check back later to see if you are able to do this.
If you have electrolytes you should give that in waterer...use a figure-of-eight bandage method (vetwrap) to stabilize that wing. Additional info for you:
link showing figure of eight wing wrap to stabilize:
"....Fractures that occur along the pectoral girdle can be very difficult to palpate, and the bird may only have a droopy wing. Coracoid fractures occasionally have sharp fracture fragments that lacerate the brachiocephalic trunk or the cardiac musculature, resulting in death due to massive haemorrhage. Coracoid fractures should be stabilised as quickly as possible. Radiographic examination of these birds is indicated to assess the full extent of tissue damage. A figure eight bandage and cage rest may result in satisfactory repair of non-displaced fractures. Birds of prey, however, may require surgical correction of fractured coracoid bones through intra-medullary pinning to regain sufficient flight to be releasable."
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