Injured RIR Chick - Unknown Predator


12 Years
Sep 11, 2007
I've got a couple of RIR chicks that are a month or so old. I put them out in the backyard with our other two RIRs (a hen & rooster, but not the parents) so that they could get some sun and exercise. I just peeked out, and one of the chicks has a huge bloody hole (about the size of a quarter/silver dollar) on her back, right where the wing joint is. She's walking around okay, or was until I wrapped her up in a blanket to keep her from moving about. What should I do? There doesn't seem to be any grit or debris in the hole that I should wash out, and it's no longer oozing blood.

I don't know what could have attacked her - we've had problems in the past with hawks, just recently had to 86 a possum that was eating our eggs, and sometimes the RIR hen can be a real beyotch
, but she's never drawn blood on any of our other chickens (bearded silkies).

I've got the babies in the house now in their box - should I do anything else?


11 Years
Mar 4, 2008
Quote:Those are your predators. Young birds should never be put in with grown birds. Grow them separately.

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