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    May 31, 2009
    Guess I am looking for someone to tell me that my Roo will be O.K. I think he was hit by a car on Sunday. When we found him he was hopping on one leg. His tail feathers are completely gone and he can"t seem to stand. Looks like one of his wings is also gone. I put him in a large dog crate in the garage Sunday night and figured he would be
    gone on Monday. To my surprise he was still alive. He didn't seem to labor when he breathes, but his comb was limp and hanging. I assumed that he was a bit dehydrated, so I hand fed him water. He seemed to perk up a bit. I gave him yogurt and he chowed it down fine. Yesterday and today he has had yogurt, scrambled egg and black sunflower seeds. I still have to hand feed him his water, but he gobbles his food right up. Not chicken feed, just the treats. He crowed quite a bit today, but is still unable
    to stand. My question is: After 2 1/2 days do I have to be afraid he will die? I really want to keep him alive and give him a good life. Is there anything else I should be doing for him? Thank you in advance for your help and opinions.
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    There is still a possibility that you may loose him, but the fact that he has made it this long and seems to be doing pretty good is a good sign. I would keep doing what you're doing and wait. Just make sure you are getting enough water in him to keep him well hydrated. Crossing my fingers for you that he makes a full recovery! [​IMG]
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    Sep 7, 2010
    Good to be hopeful, but also realistic.

    If he never stands are you going to be able to care for him? With a wing missing and unable to stand he is in rough shape and would need alot of care. If it is not possible to provide that care he will suffer. Maybe good to set recovery goals now to help with longer term decision making.

    Sounds llike he needs a very detailed inspection looking at and feeling everything out to get a little more detail of what the problems are.

    I going to be blunt here [​IMG]sorry, but taking a seriously injured chicken a sticking it a dog crate to see if it lives is not the best that could be done first aid wise. To minnimize suffering and promote recovery, the injuries need to be inspected and treated, open wounds cleaned and dressed idealy with some antibiotic cream, unstable bone or joint injuries stabalized an so on. Every time we practice first aid we get better at it.

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