Injured rooster...HELP PLEASE!!

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    Jul 31, 2014
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    I have a young (17 weeks) crested polish rooster (Rockstar) that just started crowing last week. I have an older rooster (Ace) that has been mayor for a while and yesterday morning saw him chasing Rockstar. After a while I noticed that Rockstar was not in the backyard anymore and we feared he had flown over the fence to escape Ace. We searched high and low for the guy and went to bed fearing we'd never see him again.

    This morning I went out to let my ladies and gents out and saw Rockstar between an old doghouse and the fence. His wing was stuck in the fence and his leg seems to be injured. He is holding it straight out and cannot walk or sit very well. He isn't bleeding anywhere that I've seen. I intend to inspect him more closely later, but in the mean time I have put him in a dog crate and I brought him in the house.

    Is there any hope for him and what should I be doing? He hasn't started eating or drinking yet, but it is in the cage with him. ANY advice would be great.

  2. sammiegrace

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    Apr 20, 2014
    Look to see if it is swollen at all in the leg (could be dislocated).
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    Jun 13, 2013
    Could also be injured tendons or ligaments which may not show bruising, swelling or obvious damage. Check all joints. Also, check his hocks carefully, and the ball joint where leg attaches at hip, rotating gently. Separate him in a small cage so he is not active or picked on by the others. However, I would place that cage well in sight of the flock so he could integrate back in easily. (We use a dog crate.)

    We have a rooster who we believe had a hairline fracture near one hock, no swelling, bleeding, bruising or other symptoms or obvious injuries- it took him nearly a month- 6 weeks to get better. He made a 100% recovery. Rockstar may very likely recover as well. Best wishes!

    Just wanted to add... you could give him some cool scrambled eggs with some oatmeal and water in it, and pour some water over it. (Helps with hydration.) I never did meet a chicken who could resist scrambled eggs! lol
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    If the leg is sticking straight out at an unnatural angle I would worry about it being dislocated. If it is dislocated I believe an avian vet could put it back in place (usually under anesthesia). I just looked that up for a hen with a leg problem here, fortunately her's does not appear to be dislocated.

    Maybe others can chime in but I think getting it back into place sooner is better isn't it? I think I read that was the case for people that dislocate a shoulder.

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