Injured rooster........will he recover?

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    Sep 29, 2014
    When we first moved onto our 5 acres we noticed that the neighbor had a rooster, we didn't think much of it as he stayed on his side of the fence except for every so often. Well as soon as we got chickens he changed his address and lived my our chicken coop from dusk till dark while we let our newly acquired chickens time to adjust to their new coop/run surroundings before letting them out daily to free range. Anyway now he (kids named him Pharaoh) is one of our flock until it's time to put them up for the night and he goes to his roost (cedar tree) and ours go into the coop. Poor Old Pharaoh has recently started limping severely on one leg, in fact he can't even keep up with our chickens any more and just gets as close as he can to them and sits down and waits on them to come back around. We have been feeding him when we feed ours and he continues to have a good appetite and still crows so he seems to have a zest for life.....just injured. Is there a chance he will recover? If he were mine I'd be leaning towards either trying to coop him for a week or two to see if he healed while his movement was very limited and if not put him out of his misery but he's not mine. I told the owner and he said he'd look at him but hasn't done anything with him that I can tell. Any advise or experience would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Charlie
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    First, you have to know what the injury is. It could be broken, dislocated, sprained or something like bumble foot. Once you know, it'll be easier for us to help you explore options. [​IMG]

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