Injured Rooster

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    May 4, 2010
    I came home today to find one of my 11 month old roos dead.I lived in a bachelor pad with two other roosters.One is his hatch mate and the other a now 4 year old named Liberace who showed up out of nowhere when he was only a few weeks old.Liberace raised both the younger roos and I have never seen a fight.Well I guess today he decided to kill the younger roo.Liberace is injured ,his comb and waddles a bloody mess,feathers missing from his neck .The bleeding has stopped and he had a good drink of water and has eaten a small amount of scrambled egg that I made for him.I have him confined in a rabbit hutch in the house right now because he kept attacking the remaining rooster in the pen,who is more than twice his size.He looks exhausted and beat up but is alert when he hears a noise and he stays upright,not laying on his side.I want to let him rest a little before I put anything on his wounds.Is wound-kote safe or would neosporin be better?
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    When my two roos had a fight, I use Blu-Kote.

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