injured serama rooster with infection

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    Mar 5, 2007
    In the past 4 days, two of my Serama cockerels have been injured by a 3rd. (The that one is now separated from the others) I brought injured ones in, cleaned them up with hydrogen peroxide and then antibiotic ointment, put them in a back entry way where temps are about 40 (it’s 15 outside) with treats, etc. Two of our hens are there and all seemed fine. Today the one cockerel seems to have developed an infection. There’s some pus on the wounds around his mouth and nares and for awhile both eyes were swollen shut. One is part open now.His comb and wattles are kind of pale too. I cleaned him up again but directions say not to put Hydrogen peroxide on eyes so I was real careful there. I got him to take a little water with electrolytes by pouring it into his beak from a bottle cap and got a tiny bit of scrambled egg in his beak. He’s in the house now, kind of lying down on a towel. He has been so quiet I’m almost afraid he’s dying. Is there an oral antibiotic I could get at Fleet Farm and how much would he get? Or could I give him a tiny amount of an ampicyllin pill (how much?). If I drip water into his mouth could I be drowning him? He does swallow it. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    He may need a shot of PenG Procaine if he has a skin type infection.
    I would have no idea of dosing a tiny little guy like that.
    Don't use the peroxide anymore-it can inhibit healthy tissue growth. Just make sure you are using the triple antibiotic ointment without pain reliever.
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    when giving him water just dribble it on the outside of his beak, you want to make sure it doesn't get into his lungs... like easttx said he might need an antibiotic, but you might just need to clean the wounds again if you have betadine you can water it down to look like weak tea and clean again, still don't put into his eyes. but you could make up a saline solution and clean his eyes with it... Hope the little fellow starts perking up... you most likely won't be able to put your roos together again.

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