Injured Silkie - Possibly Leg

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    Nov 20, 2015
    Crozet VA
    We have two coops, a closed one and a free ranging one. A fox took down one of the free ranging chickens right outside the closed coop and it must have freaked them out bad. After I had gathered the remaining free-Rangers I saw that my 20 week Silkie pullet had her toe caught high up in the fence (so she must have jumped a foot high when they saw the fox). I unhooked her toe but she refuses to stand. I didn't see any protruding bones on her leg that was hanging in the air but neither do I know what to look for. Can anyone walk me through how I should check her out/diagnose the problem? Is it possible she'll be alright? I have her in the house with me tonight to provide respite from the heat and stop her coop mates from torturing her. Thanks in advance!

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