Injured singleton thinks im mom...


8 Years
Apr 11, 2011
Someone in the coop skinned the side of the poor thing and now its healing by its self.
I put a feather-duster in with it along with a very small stuffed duck and a goat, but it wont stop peeping.
I held it and showed it how to eat and drink and I moved its pen to my living-room where I work so it can see and hear me.
I also have been caving and letting it snuggle under my shirt with a paper towel in case of accidents.
But obviously I cant walk around with a chick in my shirt 24/7...
So! Does anyone have any advice for me as to what I should do to keep the little guy comfortable while its not under my shirt >.>

Its a cochin bantam, just hatched and injured two days ago, I have it in a crate with a brooder from Ecoglow, a feather duster, two stuffies, and a water and food dish.
I have other chicks its size and age outside, but im afraid to put them in with it for fear they they would pick at its wound.
Any ideas? Suggestions?

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