injured toe and swollen


12 Years
May 18, 2010
I have an injured rooster. His injury is located by his nail and the end of his toe is very swollen. I looked closely at it and tried to open the wound a little to see if I could remove any infection. I couldn't tell if the yellow spot inside was part of his nail or infection. I squeezed the swollen part to see if anything would come out. NO I poured hydrogen peroxide on the wound and neosporin. He is not himself today, slow to walk and not perky. Any suggestions? Thank-you rockmaster junior's admirer.
Make sure to wrap his foot to avoid additional infection and dirt build up. I would clean the wound every day. Another thing that might help is to take him away from flock and house him in a dark area ( to make him sleep more) and a small area to avoid over usage of the foot.

Usually you can go to a farm supply store and buy a spray that is purple calld (Wounded Knee I believe). I use this on my horse, dog, chickens, and even my kids when I can't find the first aid kit.. lol.. It works though and they love having Purple sprayed on them. Horse wrap stays well.

You might want to give him some electrolytes to help him gain energy or you can add a teaspoon of honey to the water.
To Graverholz farm, Thank-you for the information. I followed your directions exept for the tape. I used duct tape for now, and seperated him from the others in a comfortable coop. He is a free range chicken spoiled !!!!!!!! I would like to allow him to roam around in the grass tomorrow. I think it would benefit him "less stress and what a chicken would like" I thought it was ironic that you quoted Temple Grandin. I am a special ed teacher specializing in autism. Had the opportunity to teach a class with Temple's mother observing . Lovely women with great determination.
Dear Grauerholz Farm, I followed up on the info and am happy to report the the rooster is doing very well. I have replaced the duct tape twice with medicine and the dear fellow is running and eating and seems to enjoy the tape on his foot. It gives him comfort. My husband and I are delighted to see the progress. I hope it continues and thanks again for replying Rockmaster Momma.

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