Injured turkey picked bloody by chickens-how do I clean it?

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    My turkey hen had an injured wing a few months back when attacked by a possum. Last week, she was unable to walk so I isolated her at night. The next morning, my husband let the chickens out and somehow either the other turkey hen or Tom or some of the chickens pecked the heck out of her back and she has a long (4-5 inch) bare spot down the middle of her back. She is able to cover it with her one good wing when she holds her wings back in the resting position which helps keep flies and bugs off her. I treated her with some peroxide/water mixture for infection and put neosporin on her but she is only able to scoot herself over a little at a time and not able to fully stand yet. She has gotten quite a bit of poo on her belly and tail feathers by doing this, although I try to move her frequently thru the day to avoid this. How can I wash her without getting the injury raw or infected? I tried using some wet paper towels and wiping the feathers off, but it's still dried in there pretty good.

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    Completely separate from others and place on clean bedding. Dried poop can be removed with a large pair of wide faced pliers (crush it, then wipe off remainder with a damp cloth), particularly fouled feathers can be trimmed. Clean wound with weak 10:1 water to betadine, or normal saline (betadine in heavy concentration will cause wound to dry out and slow down healing, but is great for initial cleaning - large wounds can be sprayed with this and daubed off with 2x2's or 4x4 sterile gauze).

    There are other products available for wound cleaning and insect suppression (we had good luck just hitting surface feathers over wounds with Adams tick and flea spray).

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