injured week old baby chick

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    Dec 16, 2011
    I rescued a week old baby chick that got stepped on by a horse. The leg got broken (almost severed) and it can't stand or walk on its own. How often would I need to give water and food? How can I heal this injury? It is bleeding (little) and I'm afraid it will get infected. Don't have money for vet now [​IMG]
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    So sorry to hear about your chick. You need to give it have access to food and water within reach at all times. I had one with a broken leg. I think it got caught somehow in the incubater. I was never able to set it. I eventually had to cull. She was 24 weeks when I did it. Up until then she handled herself well. She could hop around on one leg and get to the food and water. One day she couldn't do it anymore. So sorry about your chick.
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    Put him in a brooder with a lamp indoors, if he isn't already.

    Offer feed and water every hour if he cannot get it himself. Mashed up boiled egg yolk is
    definitely something I'd recommend feeding & a bottle of children's PolyVisol vitamin supplement
    without added Iron. Give the chick 2-3 drops per day. You can get this at the grocery store.
    I believe it will be around the baby food isle.

    For splinting the leg.. Where is it broken? If it's 'higher' up on the leg, but you aren't completely sure,
    maybe try a q-tip bent to the shape of his leg followed by the band-aid treatment for splayed legs.
    Over all, if he isn't eating or drinking and acts lethargic/sick, which would indicate extreme pain, it
    may be best to cull him. [​IMG]
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