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  1. starjourner

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    Feb 19, 2014
    This is pretty bad but somehow one of my chickens fluttered to closely to the pull string on the light in their coop, and it wrapped around the wing. We found the chicken hanging by its wing probably a few hours after it happened, got it down and fixed the string so it wouldn't happen again. However, the chicken is dragging its wing now.

    I have been reading about wrapping gauze around the chicken to hold the wing in place, but everything I've read says it has to be separated from the others too. I don't really have an easy place to do this - is it required to separate it?
  2. ten chicks

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    May 9, 2013
    It is possible her wing may be broken,place wing in a natural position close to body,wrap around injured wing and under good wing(like a figure eight). The reason for separating ill/injured birds is so that other birds do not attack them and to monitor their condition to ensure they are eating/drinking/healing. Do you have a dog cage that you can place her in,inside home? This way you will know how she is feeling. When ill/injured birds cannot regulate their body temp,so additional heat may be required.

    If she appears to be in pain,you can give her a low dose aspirin(81mg)or a reg aspirin(325mg)dose is 25mg per lb of body weight. Crush and place in water or sprinkle over feed or give orally(wrap in a pce of meat or cheese).

    How is she acting?

    Note: if wrapping wing is causing her stress,leave unwrapped she may have a permanently lower hanging wing,but this is fine.
  3. jackhamm65

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    Nov 6, 2014
    How did your chicken do after her accident. I had the exact same incident as you.It was awful to walk into that scenario =( I don't know how long she was hanging could have been more than a day....=( I was out of town and someone else tended the chickens. They didn't think to look in when they were all in to roost for the night they just locked up the door at sunset. When I got to mine she was hanging there pretty motionless, still alive, relieved to be saved. .I have her seperated in a cage. How did you end up dealing with her wing? How can I can her to drink water?

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