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    Jan 29, 2015
    Hello- This is my first time here but was hoping for some help. My dog attack one of my chickens four days ago. When I found her she was just sitting in a state of shock. She wouldn't open her eyes, but no obvious injuries except about 1/3 of her comb seems to have separated from her head. There was no bleeding at all. It looks almost like it just peeled off. Her beak was also opened in what appeared like a fixed state. I put her in the coop with the other chickens for the night. Second day she stayed in the coop all day. Third day she was outside the coop slowly walking around. If you touch he she screeches and acts like you startled her. Her eyes are half open. She almost acts like she is blind. I haven't seen her eat or drink but that doesn't mean she hasn't. Her body seems in good shape and she can run quickly still when startled, but the rest of the time she just sits still and appears lethargic. She doesn't seem to be in pain but the others appear to be starting to pick on her. Does anyone think I have a chance of saving her? Any ideas on what to do? Thanks.
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    I would bring her inside and give her some nice chicken feed wet mash, and some treats and see how she does. She needs to eat and drink and it needs to be monitored. You can tell if she eats because you can feel it in her crop.

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