injury above eye/infection advice needed please

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    I have a hen that has an injury above her eye. I am suspecting my roo is the culprit and may need a time out from the girls. Her eye was sealed shut with some crusty pus so I used a warm cloth to loosen it up and applied some veterinary eye ointment. The area above her eye looks to be infected. Is there an oral antibiotic I can give her to help with this? What is the best and fastest way to resolve this without removing her from the flock? She isn't very friendly and my girls aren't very welcoming of any returning hens so I would like to avoid separation if possible. She is getting along fine with everyone. Her sinuses are clear and this is definitely confined to this area. Should I soften the scab(above eye) and see if it will drain? Then apply antibiotic ointment? Any advice/experience appreciated

    eta- she is eating and drinking good, we had to sneak up on the closed side to catch her. Won't be able to retreat till they return to the coop tonight...

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    Poor girl. It is good to hear that she is still eating and drinking.

    I would keep her with the other chickens, but make sure they aren't pecking at the wound. They seem to be drawn to even the tiniest of scabs. If you can, don't let them free range for a little bit... you want to be able to make sure that she isn't attracting flies/ants.

    Try rinsing the wound with a saline solution before applying the antibiotic ointment (boil 1/4 tsp of salt in a quart of water, let it cool until it is luke-warm - it shouldn't bother her eyes).

    You could also try finding Penicillin at the feed store... they should have injectable and pill forms. I think, judging by how swollen the area looks, I'd give this a try.
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    omg I had a chick almost exactly like this only about five or six days ago. He is healed fine in a seperate pen away from the attacker. Now he is running loose in the yard with the other chicks. [​IMG] Hope your's gets better, sounds like your taking the best best care of her possible![​IMG]

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