Injury on hens leg help please

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    Mar 30, 2010
    So, my chickens were banded when I got the them and a friend told me to just leave them on so next year I'd kno which was which when I got new ones. Any way, on of the girls seems to have gotten a swollen leg and the band was digging into the skin. When I pulled it offf her leg started bleeding and her foot was swollen as well. I feel so bad, is there anything I can do about it? I put some anti biotic ointment on it and was thinking of trying soak it in warm salt water as well... Any thoughts would be greatly appeciated! I don't want to have to cull her, she's only 4 mos old.
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    Sound like they where banded as chicks. They can grow to large for those bands. Hopefully you got it off in time that there will be no permanent damage. otherwise keep any open wounds clean, which you have and hope that circulation is restored. It could stay swollen for a while but at least you are at a turning point and no further damage is being caused.
    otherwise I would isolate her for a day or so to limit activity. not in the dark as she needs to eat and drink well. Basically consider that her bodies energy needs to be going toward healing and not running around foraging for food and what not for at least several hours. If she uses the leg normally that is a good thing regardless of how it looks.
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    Mar 30, 2010
    Thanks! She is still limping and it is quite swollen but seems to have gone down I tiny bit and she is walking on it. They were banded with bigger bands when they were 8 weeks old, and all the other ladies seem to be fine with room to grow... Guess it just got wedged a bit, gonna be taking them all off today regardless. I still feel so bad, poor lil baby![​IMG]
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    We have Daphene, a 6 month old who came to us banded, and later had it digging into her leg.
    We removed the band, kept her quiet for 1 week, the scab was, and remains quite large and black.
    We doctored with iodine, 1% bleach solution and diatomacious earth. She was doing great.
    She was re-introduced to the flock only to be beaten to a virtual pulp.

    She limps, has the nasty black scab, but otherwise appears to be normal.
    She runs with our bevy of ducks, and sleeps by herself in a pen at night.
    She seems quite happy to live with the ducks, and none of them ever hurts her.
    We are concerned because the swelling has never gone away.

    Any suggestions??

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