Injury on wing of RIR hen.


Dec 15, 2015
My wife and sons and I are new to raising chickens. I built a nice coop and run and four days ago we got 8 one and a half year old hens. A white leghorn, two RIR's and 5 Red sex links to get eggs from. Tonight when I went out to check on them and close the coop for the night I noticed one of the RIRs had what appears to be an injury on her right wing. A small, less than dime size area with a couple feathers missing and dry blood. 2 or 3 of the surrounding feathers looked damaged and had blood in the end of the shaft in the follicle. Not knowing exactly what to do I went on instinct, caught her checked to see if any broken feather shafts were still in the skin, plucked the damaged feathers and let her go. I dont know if this is a pecking injury or if she may hav been injured when we caught and transported her. It has been many years since I had chickens when I helped my grandfather as a boy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I wish I had gotten pictures of it but i did not have my phone on me.


Oct 21, 2015
No where Nebraska
It could be a leftover wound from a nasty pecking order fight. Whenever you put chickens into a new coop they have to establish a pecking order, this happens when new birds are introduced into an existing flock too.
Keep an eye on them, if the hen gets no more injuries I wouldn't worry about it. If the injuries continue, you may need to seperate that bird.
There is some paste, I think, that people put on injured birds to prevent more pecking of the injured area. Someone will know what it is called.
Otherwise welcome! And if you have not already check out the learning center

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