Injury or bubble foot?

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    I found my hens toe was bleeding and swollen with some scales removed, two days ago and I have been treating it with vetracin and antibiotic ointment and now it looks like this. I think its just and injury but Iam hoping its not bubble foot. Please help lol TIA
    This is the bottom of the foot and looks fine to me, but idk??
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    Rest easy with regards to bumble foot as this is not what is happening with your bird (and, even if it were, it is easily treated). She's simply got a minor injury which has been very well treated by you and should soon be completely healed.
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    X2. Lifted scales can also be from scaly leg mites.
  4. brandy21410

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    thank you so much. I feel much better bow she is my favorite hen that my sister and I hatched ourselves. [​IMG][​IMG]

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