Injury to my baby roo

Sacred Farms

6 Years
Apr 28, 2013

This picture is of our 7 week old RIR roo Gus! We just found this injury on his back. There is a bunch of feathers pulled and looks scabbed over. Kinda looks like mange. ;) Can anything else cause this besides another chicken? Other than Gus, we thought we had only pullets. However, we have been questioning one of our Barred Rocks, currently named Ethel . We have never seen Gus squabbling with "her" or any of our chickens, but the we have seen Ethel act aggressively towards others. She is 8 weeks old, pecks aggressively, and pulls feathers causing pain and swelling. I am concerned she might be a he. I have been talking about sending her to freezer camp, but was hoping she would grow out if it. It's our first time with chickens. Any advice would be welcome.

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