Innards are Out. -_-

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Anyone else hatching? I had to help my little guy out he was stuck. Ive been having one heck of a time getting them so they dont dry out. Any advice?? humidity is usually anywhere from 60-75% the last 3 days!! But regardless he is a cutiee. <3 Another thing Im having problems with is there plugs coming out OR they come out with all their innards out. I know some of it has to do with genetics but anything else I can do to prevent this?? Any suggestions?
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    If that is the yolk sac, it should absorb into the chick, as long as nothing tears it. If it's the actual intestines and you cannot gently push them into the chick without damaging the organs and seal up the skin with superglue, a very delicate operation (we've done it, but it's tricky), it will die. There is no hope for a chick with intestines outside of its body.
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