Innova vs Science Diet (c/d prescription)

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by spook, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Right now our 11 year old Siamese/Himi eats Science diet prescription c/d. This is for both types of crystals, or preventing them.
    I picked up Innova at the local feed store with only good, real foods, as ingredients, this is shocking, I never realized that this was something available.
    So my question here is do you have a cat with the crystals (because prescription brand Science is for both types of crystals) and do you only feed them vet food with fillers and corn?
    I realize there are a lot of intelligent folks here that may enlighten me to keep the route I'm going, or try a change.
    Thank you in advance!
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    Apr 19, 2008
    Bedias, TX
    I personally feed a raw diet, but there is a link I found very helpful for this kind of thing.

    I personally would never feed a food that lists stuff like "corn, meat by-products" and the like in the top four ingredients.

    But another thing I've learned is that not every food is right for every dog or every person. You have to do what's best for you and your dog/cat. No judgment comes from me . . . though I will always try to talk someone out of feeding absolute junk. [​IMG]

    Edited to Add: I just noticed that I didn't answer your question at all. Oops!

    If it was me personally, I would slowly switch her to Innova and see what kind of reaction there is. You would be amazed how many changes will come about to switching to a great food like that. I would also be making sure she has plenty of water and perhaps give her wet food once a day to help with the crystallization.
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  3. spook

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    Epona, Thank you for your quick reply! I found this Innova and was pleased with how "real" it was for feed and both the cats thought it was wonderful right off.
    I just hate to chance our Teddy's health if I change foods, yet I do not know enough about the cause or limits to different to throw the balance off.
    I do love the thought of feeding raw, but I have 2 cats that would not appreciate chicken or fish dropped on their plate- lol!
    I did put a note in to Innova to hopefully hear what they say about it.
    Good for you feeding natural, I have always agreed that our pets are animals and animals if in the wild would not go eat corn- well within reason. They would eat what was around.
    Again, thank you for your time!

    LOL, just got your edited note, Yes, this I believe is slowly happening. They both get wet food 2 times a day, still after quite a while they will not eat the science diet c/d canned alone, I have to mix another can of Tuna (which is horrible for him) and these kitties do drink a lot through out the day- and pee! lol.
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  4. Pupsnpullets

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    Mar 9, 2008
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    I also feed only a raw diet. My animals have been much healthier since I switched about 4 years ago.

    There is some argument that dogs are omnivores, however, it is undisputed that cats are carnivores. Why the pet food manufactures would put vegetable ingredients in cat food is beyond me. No wonder our poor animals have issues.

    Epona is right - you have to feed your cat the way you feel is best for him, but just for fun, you could google raw diets for cats.
  5. Epona142

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    Apr 19, 2008
    Bedias, TX
    Don't feel bad, I've had cats I fostered look at me like I was a stupid twit for trying to give them raw. [​IMG]

    In those cases they go on either Wellness or Innova usually.

    Gradually give more and more of the Innova and less and less of the Science Diet and see. In my mind, there can only be gain by feeding a food with real ingredients, not just the stuff they scrape up off the slaughter house floor.

    I should be quiet now, pet food is a touchy subject! [​IMG]
  6. spook

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    Well, I will not take offense towards you, I agree with you in a lot of ways, yet on a tight income, I fall by the wayside by using these commercial foods and of course when we have chicken or beef, I do feed a bit to them both, or well, what they want. Its cooked, yet its lower sodium then most folks.
    I had the innitial thought about the science diet, I am under the impression that Iams brand animal tests and it is the cruelest thing imaginable. My BIL feeds their cats Iams and it makes cats gain so much weight! I do not pick up their food, I do not give them 1/2 cup. And I noticed already from the Innova that both cats are raising H e double hockey sticks, changing the weather. I have not heard Teddy do this in such a long time, I feel its working at quality of food.
    I'll pick up some of their canned cat food, what the heck, its expensive, yet not as expensive as the Vet prescribed foods.
    As far as I am concerned, feel free to discuss foods, these are the answers to questions I'm curious about.
    Oh, and another thing our kitties get is wheat grass grown in a plant pot, they nibble a lot some days, and others nothing. We water and start another plant pot when the first begins to yellow. (I do snip it short and feed it to the girls mixed in with their treats! They love it!)
    Thanks again for your opinions!!!
  7. snowydiamonds

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    [​IMG] You are on the right track, making the change! Big Hugs for learning and being brave enough to make the change...
  8. Aneesa's Muse

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    Jun 8, 2008
    SF Bay Area
    I have to agree on gradually switching your kitty to the Innova. There are other comparable brands of "higher quality" specialty foods, as well ...just in case you find that your cat doesn't care for one particular brand, (ie. Royal Canin, Solid Gold, etc. ..and I have experience with a few others also).

    As for pocket book issues.. your cat will eat less of a higher quality food, therefore you will buy it less often and you will use less litter, too. You will see the savings at both ends... and your kitty will be healthier! [​IMG]
  9. Widget

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    Sep 30, 2008
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    I would definitely give Innova a try. I had a persian years ago that had crystals. One time. The vet said C/D from then on. We had him on C/D for years and then switched to another food since I have never been a fan of Science Diet. He never had a problem after the switch. So I guess it depends on the severity of the problem. And putting the cat on a great food like Innova shouldn't be a problem especially since it is such a high quality food. I happen to feed California Natural to my five cats. Same company that makes Innova but fewer ingredients for those animals with allergies. Mine don't have any allergies but Ca. Natural is about $5 a bag cheaper. But I will use Innova if the store is out of the other.
  10. Epona142

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    Apr 19, 2008
    Bedias, TX
    Yes the kitties will eat less of the Innova because they get MORE from it, and their poops will be smaller and less smelly. Less waste you know.

    Kitty grass is good for nibbles, sounds like you're doing that just fine.

    I completely understand when people on tight incomes buy the food they can afford. I have been there, heck I pretty much AM there, but I am blessed to be able to gain lots of raw foods from lots of places, to the point raw is far cheaper for me than most dog foods.

    Innova canned food IS terribly expensive, you could try making a mush with their hard food if they like that, with warm chicken or beef broth (low sodium type).

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