Inoculating day-old chicks

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    I understand hatcheries will inoculate for Marek's for an added fee, but what about breeders? I would think they inoculate their own birds so will they inoculate the day-old chicks they ship out or, does this depend on the breeder? If they don't inoculate, would it be necessary for me to take my chicks to a local vet? Are there any other diseases that require inoculations? Or is this taken care of by feeding the chicks medicated feed? I'm still learning so any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    medicated feed is for cocci (a GI ailment), not the same as the innoculations a hatchery may give. You would probably have to talk to a breeder about vaccinating their stock. Some may, some may not. It will depend on the breeder, and their stance on vaccinating or not. It is a very personal choice. If they do not do it, you may be able to get the vaccine at your local feed store (as well as the syringes and needles necissary to administer) for much cheaper than what a vet would charge you.
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    I don't know of any breeders that vaccinate, but I think you should ask as well.
    I also feel that you could do it yourself. The vaccine is about 20 bucks plus shipping. It's not hard.

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