Inquiring minds want to know....

Liberty Hill Hen

13 Years
Oct 12, 2007
Central Texas
Too funny... I just now checked the forum. I was oldhen before and don't think I had ever posted anything under that name. Way back when I was TexChick and then my identity was lost somehow when BYC went through lots of changes. I posted quite a bit about five to seven years ago when I first got my chickens. I was in WA state then. There were people I used to "talk" to a lot whose names I can't recall at the moment! Anyway... it's good to be back. I went to a Chickenstock or whatever they were called in San Marcos in 2004 or 5 that was a lot of fun.
Whew! Glad that mystery is solved,..
Thanks from inquiring mind #12!
and welcome back!!!!
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