Inside egg yolk blood red . . .


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Apr 13, 2014
Four of my new chickens have just started laying this month, and one of my Barred Rocks (Jane), laid a very strange egg. Egg yolk had a small 2 mm white spot in the middle of a 8 mm dark orange circle on the top of a very orange yolk (much more orange than usual). I poked at the spot, pierced the yolk and a large quantity of very, very red material spilled out, looking for all the world like blood. In retrospect, I wish I'd taken a picture. This may have been one of her first one or two eggs. I'm fairly new to raising chickens (only the last year or so), and I've gone through this forum, but can't find anything like this. Blood spots I've seen and expected, but this was creepy. No roosters around, so all the eggs are infertile. Any ideas? Explanations?


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Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
I've had that happen to me once or twice. You will see a lot of strange things when you collect your own eggs, more of them when they first starat laying. There is a good chance she will go on to lay perfectly normal eggs.

A fertile egg doesn't have any blood, it has 2 small white spots on the yolk, one inside the other. There are pics in the sticky in the Incubating forum.

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