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9 Years
May 24, 2010
Long Island, NY
Our coop is on a cement slab. This past weekend we thought we would make it just a little more comfy for the girls during the winter, so we put down insulation board, plywood, then cheap lynolium flooring. Much easier clean up and warmer for the girls. Anyone else do the same??? check it out



Mine has a wood floor that I covered with linoleum also. It's great because when I clean out the wood shavings, the floor is spotless. I also put a scrap piece on top of my nesting boxes which serves as their poop board under their roost. I just cleaned the poop board a few minutes ago with cleaner with bleach and paper towels. Every morning I scrape poop off with an ice scraper for a car. It's really easy to keep clean.
mine has a wood floor also. Hubby came up with the idea of putting truck bed liner stuff on it for waterproof, etc. The roll on kind? RhinoLiner. It worked AWESOME!!!! I can clean my shavings out, sweep it out, and then hose it down with no problems. Its waterproof, bug proof, and gives them a little cushion too. I love it. Anything spills on it (Water, yogurt, poop, etc) it doenst rot the wood or their feet.

ANyone else try that yet?

Last edited: husband put linoleum in our coop at the get go almost two years back and it is a charm to clean - I can't imagine the stink and funk that would develop had we just left the plain wood floor of the coop!
Lookin' great - your girls will be happy!

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