Integrated new chickens... one potential problem?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by marenwise, May 24, 2017.

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    Hello. So about 3 weeks ago I integrated two 10 week old pullets into my existing flock of 3 chickens. I did it right. I had the babies in a separate coop/run right next to the main run for 3 weeks before I let the babies into the main enclosure. I also spent a week letting the chickens meet, supervised for short periods of time before I left them all together in the run over night. I did have a bully problem with one of my older gals, but after segregating her from the group for a couple of days everyone has been doing alright. No injuries or excessive bullying.

    When I fully moved the babies into the run with the older girls, we removed the coop that the older gals had been living in and replaced it with a larger one to fit all the birds. I have 2 nest boxes for the 5 chickens and loads of roost space. The older birds aren't going in on their own at night yet, but we are putting them in each night around dusk. They do it themselves sometimes but not every night yet.

    The babies aren't really coming out of the coop during the day. I think the bigger chickens are corralling them up in the coop. Is this something I should be concerned about? I have water and food in the coop for the babies. I guess after 3 weeks, I figured the babies would have started coming out during the day, at least a little bit. I have started pulling them out of the coop and blocking off the door for a little while during the evening before they all go to roost. Basically my question is: should I be worried about this behavior or should I let the birds do what they want? Any advice would be great! Thanks!!
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    At that age they may be content hanging out with each other in the coop. I have an 11-week old who never ventures far from the coop.
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    Might just take time...
    ....tossing them out in the run should help 'break the ice'.

    Were the chicks in the 'new' coop before integration?
    Will you post pics of coop(s) and run?

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