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    I wonder if anyone has experience with or opinions on integrating 9 young birds?
    Next week I will be getting 6 youngsters from a breeder...........2 5-6 week old Silkie pullets, 2 Ameraucana pullets (approx.
    4 weeks old) and 2 Black Copper Marans (also approx 4 weeks old.)
    I am assuming that when I bring them home it will be their first time 'together'.............
    And to complicate things even further, 2 days later I will be receiving my 'Trio of Light Sussex' from Greenfire Farm (2 pullets and a roo)........also just around 4 weeks of age.
    What is the best way to integrate them all?
    Until the weather becomes a little more 'stable', and they are all feathered out, they will be in a large kiddie pool in the spare bedroom......
    Can I just put them all together right away, because they are all so young and approx the same age?
    Should integration be easier at this age....................or the same as if I brought home adults?
    Advice please?
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    You can put them together if you keep the room dark. IE- 15 watt bulb.
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    I put mine together while free ranging. I put plenty of treats (scratch) out for them so they fixate more on the treats than each other. They will still be some bickering as they establish their pecking order. I would quarantine the new birds from the existing ones for awhile in case there are any health issues since they will be coming from a different place. It's up to you.
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    Quote:you have a very nice farm!!

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