Interested in some Bantam Bearded Silkie eggs

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    Sep 16, 2008
    I think I would like to try some Bearded Silkie eggs again this year since I don't have any left from last years hatch.

    The colors I am interested in are:

    1. Red/buff
    2. Cuckoo
    3. Splash
    4. White

    I don't care for the blacks and wouldn't mind the blues, it's just rare that I find a Blue colored Silkie that I want to keep, I prefer the lighter colored Blues or Lavender and they are Not easy to come by around here. [​IMG]

    I am still getting set up for them so i don't have to have the eggs ASAP, but if you have any of these colors please let me know prices and shipping info. also i don't have paypal so let me know what kind of payment arrangements you're okay with.

    Zip: 98360
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