Interested in starting a poultry and small animal swap meet in northwest Arkansas

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  1. My wife and I are seriously interested in starting a poultry and small animal swap meet in the Rogers / Garfield / Benton County area of Arkansas (that's the northwest corner of your Arkansas Map. You do have an Arkansas map, right?) . We have never done this type of thing before, so any helpful and noncritical advice is appreciated.

    So far we have come up with these rules, but if you can think of anything else or anything I am missing, please post it here.

    1. Buy, sell and trade of poultry, rabbits, and small farm animals;
    2. Limit size / weight of animals to less than 150 pounds;
    3. All animals be leashed, caged, penned or otherwise confined;
    4. Sellers limited to roughly 10' x 10' area;
    5. No buyer or seller fees;
    6. Non-animal sale items limited to farm items (cages, tack, feed, etc.).

    In our area, we are not required to get a license or permit, being outside city limits. I figured we would run from 8am to noon or so and would sell simple concessions such as soda, coffee and maybe donuts.

    If you can think of anything else or if you notice that I am forgetting something, feel free to post it here or PM me or email me at [email protected] .

    Thanks for any help I get in advance!
  2. Forgot to add:
    We are looking at the first Saturday of the month from March until October. Rain / snow / in-climate weather would cause a cancellation until the next month.
  3. birdieluv

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    Feb 5, 2008
    Eureka Springs, AR
    We might be interested, we're up in Eureka Springs.
  4. Ridgerunner

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    Feb 2, 2009
    Northwest Arkansas
  5. ruthless

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    Nov 7, 2010
    Mount Vernon, Mo
  6. danbud

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    Jan 23, 2012
    I think a swap meet is a wonderful idea, i raise rabbits, lion heads, lion lops, cals, and new z's, dutch, etc, i think it is great
  7. mefordz

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    wagoner okla
    would love to see someone make this go.

    over the last year or so seems like someone posting someplace wanting to start a swap in northwest arkansas. they chat a little and then disappear.

    make sure you are ready for and understand what it takes to put a swap on, place to have it. restroom facilities, { little blue or green houses }. people to take setup fees and oversee the action. concessions, always have thirsty or hungry folks. someone to take calls and emails and answer questions. someone with great people skills for when the poop hits the fan!, and believe me it will.

    i hope you can get it worked out, several folks from n.e. okla. would come i am sure. { at least 2-3 for sure! }
  8. hlj62

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    Jan 28, 2012
    Its would be nice go to poultry swap. I hope they will not be any Arts or Crafts and any Flea Market stuff, because they sooner or later take over everything. Look at Afton, Oklahoma they are junky now, the last time I went and words of mouth. Don't lets them spoil its. That is my biggest enjoyment to go to poultry swap and see farm animals there too.
  9. mefordz

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    wagoner okla
    still animals at most swaps, but yeah the flea mkt. stuff takes over.

    i think this is another fly by, nothing for a week.
  10. We've talked to Flying RF feed store in Garfield and the owner, Brad, likes the idea, likes that he is not involved in working or providing workers for it, but he is afraid of the liability for it.
    If he doesn't go for it, the other wo options are the NEBCO / Garfield park or the old Loop Flea Market parking lot. I know the numbers for both places. Still waiting. Anyone own land on the highway between Rogers and Gateway?

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