Interesting Facts on the Economy, Gas, & it's effect on YOU!!!!

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    * Gas & diesel fuel cost 2.5 to 3 times more in Paris than North America

    *Diesel prices in China & India, which import most of their oil, are 33% to 40 % cheaper than here in Canada & the USA.

    *Since 2002, the US dollar has fallen nearly 40% against the Euro $, & nearly as much against the Canadian $.

    *Canada is the USA's leading oil supplier, and tho the US was once the leading oil producer, it now imports 66% of it's oil.

    *Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and in spite of 14,000+ mercenaries guarding Iraq's pipelines, it's oil production is actually lower than before the US invasion, adding to the growing shortage on the world market.

    *The fianance industry is the biggest business in the US now, while manufacturing has shrunk to 12%.

    *Public & private debt has grown from $10.5 trillion in 1987 to $43 trillion in 2005.

    *The absurdly low interest rates of the US housing market the last few years account for 40% of America's gross domestic product.

    *Two thirds of the world's hard currency reserves are now held in Asia. China & Japan alone hold 47% of US foreign debt.

    Although I'm not an economist, I am a businessman, & know whatever happens south of the border has ripple effects up here in Canada. I hope both our government's can increase our manufacturing sector before it's too late. It's going to get WORSE berfore it gets better.
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    We live in a part of the state known for its manufacturing, furniture mostly. My husband worked in this industry for 10 years and then parted ways about 2 years ago. He is still in a manufacturing plant, but totally different products, anyway the place he worked for 10 years is only working 3 days per week, has closed 1 of its four plants, and is laying off an additional 200 people. I am so glad he left when he did.
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    Things are also quite bleak here in the UK, so much so that due to the price of diesel (I drive a diesel) there are fewer cars on the road, the cost of one litre of diesel being at the moment anything between £1.30 and £1.35 equating to nearly £6.00 per gallon! and due to rise in price yet again. It has been reported on the news that the cost of fuel has helped to stop drivers speeding on the roads. (Good news for the environment though) Haulage firms are going out of business. House prices have reached an all time low, house sales are at their lowest for 30 years! Food prices are very very high, and the government are encouraging people to grow their own food as much as possible. To top it all reported on the news one man has had all his chickens and coops stolen! it had taken him 20 years to build his flock of rare breed chickens only to have them all stolen. There are more and more stabbings reported, and teenage gangs seem to be taking over!!!! But at least the sun is shining today, and I still count my blessings. Maybe it might be better if we all went back to the "old ways" using horses and cart to get around, growing our own food and being neighbourly as much as possible, people all seem to live behing high fences, locked gates and CCTV (including me!) and I live in a rural community but the thefts from farms are on the up and up. But I would hate to live back in the city. The world is a beautiful place, pity the vast majority of mankind don't realise that. Better stop now as I seem to be getting on my "soapbox" Does anyone agree that "Womenkind will be the saviours of Mankind"? >>>>>jumps off soapbox ............>>>> heads off to count blessings.
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    Median household income U.S. in 2000 (adjusted for inflation!)
    Median household income U.S. in 2006
    Salary of full time minimum wage employee w/o vacay
    Average Salary of U.S. top 500 company CEO
    15.2 million
    Americans living in poverty in 2001
    31.6 million
    Americans living in poverty in 2006
    36.5 million
    Average cost of gas in Jan 2000
    1.59 /gal
    Average cost of gas in June 2008
    3.95/ gal (It's 4.09 here today!)
    U.S. Budget SURPLUS in 2000
    236 billion
    U.S. Budget DEFICIT in 2007
    354 billion

    And what would the connection be between Horatio Alger, Adam Smith and Milton Friedman????

    At least one was a writer of FICTION and U.S. economic policy is currently based on the beliefs of all three! :mad:

    (Statistics courtesy of the State Department and the USW)

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