Interesting: Older Hens Must Be Mated MORE To Keep Fertility

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    Article in World Poultry, which is geared toward commercial broiler flocks, has an interesting tidbit that I did not know. It applies to fertility in general. Naturally, in my own flocks, since I am no longer keeping breeder flocks, per se, it is just something to put in my bank of knowledge, but felt it might be something good to know for someone else. Here, older hens are removed from the rooster's attentions to what we jokingly refer to as the Old Hens' Retirement Home & Hospice, but if they were prime breeding stock, this would be something we should be aware of in our management of the flocks.

    An excerpt from an article about paying attention to the nutrition of broiler males had this to say-the bolded part is mine and what I'm referring to. The first part of the last sentence I knew from experience, but the second I didn't:

    Quote: I was unaware, never really thought about it, but it does make sense, just because of things not working as well as a bird (or anyone, us included) ages. I have a 6 yr old arthritic, frostbitten-missing-toed Delaware rooster with a 6 yr old Delaware hen and he still gets it done, LOL. Or maybe I should say they do, since it seems the hens has some bearing on the fertility equation. I just rehomed one of their 15 week old sons. Must be that Delaware vigor, eh?

    Link to the entire article (you must be a subscriber to read, I think):|Breeder_management:_Do_not_forget_the_males
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    Definitely interesting, and makes some sense - I do wonder how much the effect is magnified in broilers though (roosters being so chesty,etc).
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    I wonder, could this be applied to species other than chickens?
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    Well, I'm 43 and don't want to be fertile at all......would that be bad news for my honey [​IMG]?
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