intergating chickens orig. meant for meat into laying flock

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    getting 6 rescue chickens today from a mass meat grower facility, any advise on integrating w/my 5 laying girls? tips on sexting,safety concerns, etc. Im hoping they will lay eggs after being spoiled & free ranging.I understand that these facilities vaccinate, etc because they grow for mass human consumption but Im stll worried about my girls
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    People have kept a couple Cornish x hens at times to try to integrate so better meat genetics into their flocks. They likely won't be long lived.
    They are meat birds they are supposed to live a certain amount of time then be slaughtered so don't expect them all to last as long as a layer, I personally don't like keeping meat birds with layers simply because they are very messy and they eat constantly, you will have to limit the feed if you expect them to have any sort of quality of life otherwise they will just eat until they are huge and their legs or heart fails, this means you will also have to limit feed to your layers who should really have free choice but if you do that with meat birds they will eat it all. I also wouldn't want a 10lb or larger rooster breeding my layer hens and if you have meat roosters they will easily get that big and bigger if you are able to keep them alive long enough. If they're all hens you won't have that problem but you will still have the issues of lots of messy crap and the feed issues and again even if you are successful in limiting feed with the whole flock they won't live very long.
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