Interim Roof measures?

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    Hi all. Another question. The roof of the hogshed that is becoming my coop is a sad affair. I hadn't noticed how bad the south/west edge is.

    It does shed water and doesn't leak into the coop but ugh almost 2-3 inches on that side is Rot and I don't have the $$ to redo the roof right now.

    (Someone please tell my plumbing and the air conditioner that I'm busy getting set up for chickens - 750$ ugh.)

    What can I do that wouldn't be expensive or idiotic and make it worse?

    I know how to tear it out and rebuild it. I don't know what I can overlay or buff it out with. It's old old plywood and poorly applied tar shingles, no tar paper or other underlayment.

    All ideas appreciated.

    Thanks, you all rock.
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    I have an "interim" roof on my rooster shack.. it's a HEAVY DUTY construction tarp, not the blue ones. About $35 at lowes.. 12X16, silver on one side, brown on the other... it's so interim I'm using wood clamps to hold it on to what little rafters are there... the only caveat I have is make sure it's got no saggy spots or add a peak to ensure drainage
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    Yup. Tarp. As thick and uv-resistant (aka pricey) as you can find, if you want it to last more than a coupla months. Ideally get one large enough to cover the entire roof and come around under all 4 edges for attachment (I am assuming this is some reasonably small building, not a great big barn).

    You may well want to tightly strap across it, crisscross, with ropes to minimize the flapping that causes wear and can also lead to sudden departure of tarp in a strong wind.

    Good luck,

  4. walkswithdog

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    Thanks!! Yeah, a tarp, a good one is cheaper than almost anything else. I just don't want it to get any worse - you know? I'll bang around tsc and one of the major lumber/hardware dealers and see what I can get.

    The whole thing is probably only 20x8 including the well house.

    Working this hard on the walls, finding the bad edge just set me off. Especially right when the AC quit and the plumbing sprouted a leak.

    I am so into really getting it all fixed that just backing off and doing something "for now" really pisses me off.

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