Interior Coop Pics

Hi, Here is my roost, poop tray, nest box set up in our 10' x 12' hen house.

I love, love, love Fireguy56's interior, and plan to model my upgrades after that, with the pooptrays above the nestbox openings and a choice of roosts up higher than everything else (a few of my chickens love to be the highest beings in the universe). But here's mine, currently, though this pic was from April:


...and the whole 6ftX6ft coop:


The dumb thing here, is the chickens exit via the big door, walk around to the hoop run and then we lock up the hoop run if we're leaving them outside for awhile unsupervised. You can't tell we got the chickens THEN wondered how to house them, can you?

Plastic nest boxes now, replaced the wooden ones infested with mites. The panelled walls are photographed to look like wood, but are plasticky, intended for use in basement remodels, and are mold resistant. They were on sale, end-cap returns at Lowes'. The few wooden bits still exposed are washed regularly with Adams Flea and Tick dog shampoo, dried and dusted with permethrin poultry and garden dust. Mites and fleas are big problems in our river valley, wooded region of northern Illinois.

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