intermittently broody Leghorn kicks silky off nest


12 Years
May 27, 2007
Morgantown, PA
and makes a mess of the eggs. We're on day 18 of this. She started by sitting beside the silkie to lay her egg, which gave the silkie lots of extras until I marked them. Then for a few days, she'd stay on for a day & overnight & then quit the next day. The silkie parks herself in the nestbox beside until the Leghorn quits & we move her over. It's like a chicken custody battle!

The eggs are covered with dried on goo. One was kicked out by someone and two are cracked, but they are both still sitting on those. I tried moving the eggs with the silkie, but she wouldn't sit on them when I tried, so I took her back out. Hopefully if some hatch I can move them all inside then.

Anyone ever have a broody Leghorn? Or partly broody? Her laying is off- I'm only getting an egg every other day from two Leghorns, who both layed consistently all winter long!!
Anyone have any suggestions?
Make sure there is enough light in the coop or where they are laying.

If you don't want her to be broody, put her in a wire cage with food & water for a couple days and that should break her.

Just make sure she is not making the growling noise they make before you let her out.
I'm good with the broody silkie- she's a good mom. The Leghorn, not so much. I'd be ok with it if she would stick with it. I've never heard of a broody Leghorn before.
There's lots more natural light than there was a few months ago. Yeah spring!! I think her laying is off because of the broodiness?

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