Internal coop ?


8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
Is it easier on everything if the inside of the coop is finished with some type of wall paneling ? I'm trying to decide if this would make everything easier to clean or not before I decide what I want to do for the interior. Any advice ?
IT Depends on your construction.

If it creates spaces where bugs and rats etc can hide then no.

If you are talking about the interior side of a board that forms the wall then yes painting it will make it easier to clean.
Personally I think it's kinda pointless unless a) you're going to insulate, in which case it's pretty unavoidable; or b) you are a super neatnik and all those exposed studs/crevices catching dust will drive you bonkers; or c) you are one of those people with a strong urge to hose the coop out from time to time.

JMHO, good luck, have fun,

If you like a clean coop, then I think either a thick coat of paint or some kind of paneling makes clean-ups easier. I know the exposed wood (roosts) in my coop stains easily, while the painted/panel parts of my coop are easy to clean. So it really depends on what you're wanting in a coop...

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